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I am exceedingly proud of the celebrant (His Excellency – Chief John Odigie-Oyegun) for the niche he was carved for himself, family, and by extension, the great people of Benin Kingdom.
Hon.Osa Atu and Princess Osula-Atu

Diabolic appointment and re – appointments in NIFOR

As we write you this protest letter, the host communities of NIFOR are in dire expectation of your Excellency’s emergency intervention, and the Benin people cannot take responsibility for any of total breakdown of law and order in that domain, the communities can no longer stomach oppression from the very public officers that ought to uphold fairness and equity.

Ologbo community invasion by cattle nomads

Ologbo community invasion by cattle nomads- we will encourage our people to seek self-help if… Being an open letter to the Minister for Environment, by the Benin National Congress.

Edo Proverb

Edo Philosophy


Looted Benin Artefacts of 1897

Your Excellency: It is with a great sense of grief and respect that we wish to formally and most respectfully reinstate our commitment to the cause of the unconditional repatriation of all looted Benin Artefacts currently in the custody of Britain and other Western countries, which were carted away during the historic invasion of Benin Kingdom by the British Government in 1897; and for which we seek your very dispassionate presidential support.