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Benin, Ijaw battle for land threatens Obaseki’s multi-billion naira Gelegele EPZ project

The BNC is out to fraternize with  government and the palace in protecting our territorial integrity and, as a people, we are not willing to cede any part of our territories and land to anyone. Our ideal, as a people, is to encourage trade, investment and growth amongst ourselves and neighbours towards building a peaceful society where every man can succeed through commerce and other legitimate interests.

The relevance of host community organizations to the growth and development of public and private institutions in Nigeria.

Managers of host community organizations are by this role accountable to their constituents in that it formed the basis of energies or strength or fallback positions; if a group does not draw its strength from its constituents, it exists in the air or serves the parochial interests of ghost-benefactors.

an urgent call for ministerial intervention in the affairs of University of Benin.

At an emergency meeting at the instance of the Board of Trustees of the Benin National Congress specifically conveyed to challenge the centrifugal tendencies of a group of mischief makers and academicians of questionable reputation who caused a letter to be written to your good self, for the specific purpose of tarnishing the image of Prof. O. G. Oshodin

A case of linguistic bastardization of Benin phraseology “Ogho Okpia Nihin”

A case of linguistic bastardization of Benin phraseology “Ogho Okpia Nihin” in your Golberg advert placement in Benin City: A call for correction and reparation over the misjudgment.                                                                                           

President Buhari Must Hear This!!

We respectfully wish to place on record that save for our esteemed regards for the Coronation tradition of the Oba of Benin, a grand procession involving Edo youths and women alongside mock casket and coffins would have been staged today to express our resentments against the pyramid of corruption, crass chauvinism, alarming violation of the Civil Service rules, unbridled disregard for federal character etc by the current Managing Director (Rev. Ebenezer Olabode Mafayeyomi) in collaboration with some centrifugal forces in the Federal Ministry of Water Resources.