Plans to install Edwin Oguyenbo as the Pere of non-existent Olodiama kingdom in Gelegele dukedom is act of war on Benin’s–Benin National Congress.

Benin national congress, BNC says Plans to install Edwin Oguyenbo as the Pere of nonexistent Olodiama kingdom in Gelegele dukedom is an act of war on the Benin’s

The Director of Action and Mobilization, Benin National Congress Mr. Osaretin Igbinogun raised an alarm in Benin city on Thursday that some violent -hungry elements of Ijaw ethnic nationality have declared war on the Benin’s, having misinterpreted decades of hospitality to them who were mere fishing migrants or settlers as an act of cowardice.

The Benin National Congress says this is certainly not a speech making moment, but a profound call to the attention of President Muhammadu Buhari to the brazen threat to lives and property by the Ijaws settlers of Gelegele community.

The Congress says categorically clearly that despite the alleged resort to gruesome kidnapping of Benin prominent indigenes by dire hard Ijaws, they will not succumb to recognizing Ijaws as indigenes of Gelegele Dukedom but settlers, which they are.

BNC called on all well meaning Benin people to support the course to dislodge any illegal acquisition of Gelegele and let no one misunderstand their position while every part Benin Kingdom appropriated under military regime or criminally seized will be recovered

The Benin National Congress observed that the entire landmass referred to as Gelegele in the supreme court judgment bothering Ughoton and the Bight of Benin belong to the Benins and customarily under the authority of the Oba of Benin is not in contest.

The Congress remarks that what is in context however is the diabolically packaged ploy by the Ijaws to seize the territory as theirs, which it described as an utter assault on the psyche of the people as there exists an subsisting Supreme Court judgment manifestly defining the areas as Benin territory and under the control of the Oba of Benin Kingdom.

The BNC warns the Ijaws not to overstretch the tacit support of former President Goodluck Jonathan as the plans of his Presidency to constitutionally establish a Toriebi State for his kinsmen is still fresh in the memory.

The Congress says they need not emphasized that the Ijaw settlers have stayed their welcome in Benin Kingdom and that they should either quit in peace or remain as tenants, while using terrorizing means will not give them authoritative ownership .

The Benin National Congress also alerted the security apparatuses to swing into action by stopping the warring

act by one ‘Pere’ who seek to establish a fiefdom and declare himself as a Fief in a land which does not belong to him.

It says if the Benin’s resolved to militantly engage the war mongers they will not take likely to any clampdown on the youths for acting in self defense.

Comrade Osaretin Igbinogun – Director, Action and Mobilization, Benin National Congress.
15th November, 2017.

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