Restoration of the Bight of Benin.

National Confab! Benin National Congress task Edo State delegates to collectively canvass for the restoration of the Bight of Benin.

11th March 2014.

Arising from an emergency meeting on the socioeconomic and political issue before the national dialogue, it has become incumbent to passionately appeal to the esteem delegates from Edo State to tread on the path of unity, and conscientiously canvass for the restoration of the Bight of Benin, which is an integral part of Edo state geography, but was uttered by the National Boundary Commission, after the erstwhile Surveyor General, Pa. Omoigui was retired, in favor of Ondo and Delta states under the Gen. Banbagida military regime.

This is a fundamental injustice by any standard of measurement, because evidence abound in Nigerian archives and the Home office of England that the Bight of Benin is an integral asset of the Edo people, and appropriating the resources from it in favor of Ondo and Delta states is an unpardonable disservice to history and a brutal injury the psyche of a peaceful and hospitable ethnic nationality.

If the argument for ‘return to the six old regions’ enjoys popular appeal, we would expect that delegates from Delta state will support the agitation for the restoration of the Bight of Benin, especially the delineation of Ondo state completely from profiting therefrom, because what is wrong is wrong, no matter who and the stakes that are involved.

As a matter of fact, we respectfully seek this medium to reinstate our implicit confidence in the ability of Edo state delegates to the confab to articulate and insist on popular agitations that will reinforce the welfare and progress of Edo people and engender the unity and corporate strength of Nigeria. The background and disposition to national consciousness of the delegates are quite outstanding to predict a tremendous result from their representation at the confab.

We respectfully pledge to float a shadow secretariat from Benin City in support of our delegates because we believe that continuous dialogue is essential for an evolving nation like Nigeria; especially as the country has a greater number of strong men, than strong institutions. This dialogue, if properly coordinated will strengthen the bond of unity, when it is justice-driven.

So, as a socio-cultural organization, we fervently crave for justice as the nursery for peace and socio-development. This is why we unequivocally demand the restoration of the Bight of Benin to its parent geographical heritage, (Edo South district, of Edo state) because it has been a great sore on the psyche of our people, at home and abroad.

Dr. David Ekomwenrenren, Director of Publicity and Intelligence.

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