This taboo (abuse of eminent Benins) shall not stand.

This taboo (abuse of eminent Benins) shall not stand.A definite pronouncement by the EUL on the lingering fireworks by some PDP stalwarts and some hirelings against Capt. Hosa Okunbor.

For some time now, we have watched with disgusting-disbelief how the media has been a-washed with diabolical orchestral aimed at tarnishing the hard-earned image of some Benin’s irrevocable patriots – Capt. Dr. Hosa Okunbor and Prince Edun Akenzua (the Enogie Obazuwa Dukedom) respectively by some elements whose grievances pertains to the sudden “denial of oxygen” by Capt. Hosa by some notorious Peoples Democratic Party chietains, as well as some All Progressives Party’s hirelings in a bid to launch an unholy war against House of Assembly candidates of the APC at the just concluded House of Assembly elections in Edo South respectively.

The actions of these elements smack of their questionable allegiance to the Benin race, else, how do we express our profound disgust at the ignorance these elements to the age long Benin maxim of “Edo iko ye uma, emwen okpa ore’Edo unu” (the Benins rarely convey a conference on an issue; they consensually hold the same view). That was exactly what played out in the 11th of April election in Edo South senatorial district.

The members and trustees of Edo Unity League were eminently involved in the meetings conveyed to sensitize and persuade Capt Hosa Okubor to do “everything possible” including mobilizing his electoral machines in favor of the APC candidates especially, in the same energy and vigor with which he supported His Excellency, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan GCFR which prompted the PDP to score a resounding 52 percent victory; for Chief John Odigie-Oyegun sake, and save Edo from the Herculean stress of disconnect from the incoming Federal Government, led by Gen. Muhammadu Buhari. We are convinced that the allegiance by the authors and sponsors of these mischievous articles against Capt. Hosa and Prince Edun Akenzua to Benin race is doubtful and eminently questionable.

“Edo iko ye uma, emwen okpa ore’Edo unu” (the Benins rarely convey a conference on an issue; they consensually hold the same view).

The humane appeal (To help the Benins connect with the incoming Federal Government of Gen. Buhari and the APC) was patriotically delivered by Capt. Hosa Okunbor, not minding the noteworthy roles played by APC chieftains to seal the victory; and the Benins who are known for resounding gratitude are full of thanks for this great son and brother, so, no amount of blackmail by scavengers and political-street-urchins can change the Benin’s grateful perception for Capt. Hosa, more so, these elements are expected to retrace their steps, else, the League will declare them as personae non-granta within the seven Local Government Areas of Edo South and beyond.

As an intellectual group, we know like most enlightened individuals and groups that there is limit to politicking, and that, dragging the corporate esteem of Benin race (the centre of cultural microcosm in Africa) into a pseudo theatre of the absurd is something we cannot tolerate, especially now that our Palace is undergoing some traditional reflections, hence we resolved to warn and call for an immediate cessation of media hostilities against one of our foremost industrialists and pathfinder (Capt. Hosa Okunbor) as well as ridiculing our ethnic group.

The attempt to blackmail Prince Edun Akenzua, and others who have spoken in similar manners in favor of Capt. Hosa’s benevolent intervention in the last House of Assembly election may be pocketing monies for their chauvinistic gains, but, they are sowing a seed of discord and ingratitude, which is VERY ALIEN TO OUR PEOPLE, hence we stand to detest those abominable tendencies, now and later.

Arc. Katherine Amadasun- Chief Correspondence Officer, Edo Unity League.

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