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Daily Archives: August 5, 2016

A Case of Appropriation of Edo Oil wells by Ondo and Delta States

As a socio-cultural organization and a stakeholder in the comity of Nigeria’s ethnic nationalities, we believe that you will appreciate our resolve to discountenance violent dispositions despite sustained psychological injuries melted on our people by concerned agencies for this long.

Benin Artifacts are prisoners of war

A press release by the Benin National Congress -Edo Socio-cultural Organization.

In view of the on going exhibition of Benin artifacts in Chicago most of whom were looted during the British invasion of the ancient kingdom of Benin and others which were victims of “authority stealing” (those stolen from the custody of Benin Museum) we wish to posit that the continuous hostage of these metaphysical objects by Britain amounts to holding – back the prisoners of war over 100yrs after the war ended.