Oben/Gelegele oil and gas rich community of Edo land.

Press release- Oben oil and gas rich community of Edo State as a Delta State community in its Wednesday’s article- Benin National Congress calls for correction, 22nd June 2011.

The attention of the Benin National Congress (Edo Socio-Cultural Organization) has been drawn to an oil and Gas article centered on the Oben gas-to-power project, and published at the front page of Guardian Newspaper of Wednesday 22nd June 2011.

We sincerely believed that the aim of the publication was to draw federal government; and other stakeholders to the ‘abandoned’ gas-to-power project, with a view to revitalizing same and bringing the dream to limelight. However, at the first paragraph, the Benin National Congress and concerned stakeholders observed that ‘OBEN’ was referred or portrayed as a community in Delta State; whereas, the said community is part and parcel of Orhiomwon Local Government Area of Edo State.

We would had not bothered to raise any issue about the commission or omission, but, considering the wisdom in Karl Marx’s indelible assertion “to leave an error uncorrected, is to encourage intellectual immorality” we considered it appropriate to raise a formal observation to the Board of editors or the essayist or editorof Guardian Newspapers because, in the light of clandestine activities by our hitherto neighbors to appropriate Benin lands, Oil and Gas resources and plantations to themselves, this ‘mistake’ could be a golden opportunity for anti Benin elements to demand for our natural resources and lands.

In fact, to undermine our people, flow-stations are deliberately built outside or far from the source of oil wells in Benin lands, so that offshore benefits can accrue to our neighboring states; as we speak, there are plans by some powerful political elites of Delta State origin to appropriate the oil and gas potentials of Evbohighae-Ugbeka clan, in Oriomwon Local Government Area.

Pre-colonially, there are documented evidence attributing to very large size of the ancient Benin territories; even after the colonial conquest, but, oppressive and anti-Benin opportunists who found themselves at the corridors of power, especially at the Presidency, and acting in connivance with some fifth columnists within Benin kingdom have done everything possible to appropriate the oil-rich Bight of Benin to their native communities; including other forms of political vindictiveness.

As a non-political organization, we wish to make clear that these anti-ethnic tendencies will definitely prop-up militant uprisings by the Binis because, we have been pushed to walls for too long, and our hospitality has for long been taken for granted. Igt is sad the the Lucky Igbinedion Administration and the State House of Assembly have continued to gloss over the appropriation of Edo Oil Wells and territorial lands, apparently because they are not direct descendants from the affected communities. The time to fight is very near, unless stakeholders and Lawmakers urgently reviews the trends.

We watch closely.

Dr. David Ekomwenrenren.
Cc; The Comrade Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole.
Cc; The Speaker of Edo State House of Assembly.
Cc;    All Elected National and State Assemblies members from Edo State.
Cc;    The Oba of Benin, Oba Erediauwa CFR.
Cc;   Nigerian Union of Journalists, Edo State.

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