We don’t know who next will be murdered or abducted, Edo residents cry

We don’t know who next will be murdered or abducted, Edo residents cry : After 3 policemen are killed, minister’s brother kidnapped Governor Obaseki storms Abuja to vent frustrations
October 8,2017

BNC threatens retaliation against herdsmen.

“Mr. Governor, you will appreciate that most visitors and settlers in Benin Kingdom have been paying our hospitality with hates and other stereotypical tendencies of ingratitude and the need to seek your intervention urgently cannot be overemphasized as our youths are on the verge of seeking self help with unpleasant repercussions.”


Worried by the demeaning perception of the Binis within the context of development both in the areas of human recourses and infrastructure, considering the availability of the raw human and material resources,the level of development and advancement of the people of the Benin kingdom along side its environment do not complement in any way the available resources and land mass of the entire kingdom.

BNC Raises Alarm Over Marauding Fulani Herdsmen In Edo Communities.

“The Benin National Congress and our esteemed people will not take responsibility for self defense if the rapacious tendencies of these herdsmen are not effectively checkmated urgently. Is it Siluko, Egor, or Ehor, Abudu, or Ologbo, the rights to freedom of movement and agriculture of our people are daily trampled upon as they are either kidnapped or raped or assaulted by these herdsmen.

Benin, Ijaw battle for land threatens Obaseki’s multi-billion naira Gelegele EPZ project

The BNC is out to fraternize with  government and the palace in protecting our territorial integrity and, as a people, we are not willing to cede any part of our territories and land to anyone. Our ideal, as a people, is to encourage trade, investment and growth amongst ourselves and neighbours towards building a peaceful society where every man can succeed through commerce and other legitimate interests.